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Vikas Ghar is a supplemental after-school learning program to help children improve their learning levels and academic performance in regular school. Vikas Ghars provide a student-friendly environment. Through appropriate activities and use of teaching-learning material, students improve their understanding of the subjects taught in school. In the process and gain valuable self-confidence and inter-disciplinary skills from working with their peers.

The focus in Vikas Ghars is helping children to learn, which is based on Grammangal’s belief that all children can learn well if they provided with the right kind of learning opportunities and the obstacles to their understanding of the concepts are removed.

Vikas Ghar sessions are of a two-hour duration after school hours on schooldays. Currently, there are over 50 Vikas Ghars in Satara District.


Maths, Language & Graphic Tool Co-Learning Workshop At Wai on 16th & 17th august 2019