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Welcome to Grammangal’s e-learning portal, Dnyanmangal (Marathi).

The portal will benefit teachers of Grades 1 and 2 who can learn at a pace that suits each individual.

Learning content has been designed with the aim of improving a teacher’s capacity to apply student-centric teaching-learning methods in his or her classroom.

The objectives of Dnyanmangal include:

  • Gaining of basic understanding of the principles of constructivist methods of teaching-learning and how they are implemented in classrooms.
  • Introducing a student-friendly class environment
  • Helping teachers to structure their lesson plans according their student’s learning needs of the students
  • Knowing how to form learning groups and conduct learning activities
  • Connecting the various activities to the curriculum.
  • Appropriate use of teaching-learning aids to clarify concepts, overcome learning difficulties and enhance students’ learning levels
  • Assessment of student learning

At present the e-learning portal is in Marathi only.

'ज्ञानमंगल' इ-प्रशिक्षण