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A useful guide for parents on how to deal with the new challenges posed by this crisis. These guidlines are developer by UNICEF and Grammangal has supported them by translating it in Marathi for the marati speaking populatin. Do read them and share them with your keens. Any feedback and suggestions are most appriciated. Do write us on to share your experiences and queries

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Parenting Quality Time

मुलांबरोबर एकत्र वेळ घालवणे

Quality Time

Keeping it Positive

सकारात्मक वागणे

Quality Time

Structure Your Routine

दिवसाला आकार देऊया

Quality Time

वेडं वागणं

Quality Time

Keep Calm and be happy

शांत रहा आणि ताणाचे व्यवस्थापन करा

Quality Time

Talking About Covid

कोव्हीड-१९ बाबत संवाद

Quality Time
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Our effort to support the Atmanirbhar Bharat through livelihood initiative that supports the men and women from tribal community to sustain through these times of hardship. Book your order