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In the conventional way, the teacher comes to class and uses a text book to explain concepts in various subjects. At times, teaching is supported with the use of models and diagrams. The main drawback of this method is that students are often unable to understand what is being taught and how the concepts find use in everyday life. Further, with not enough opportunity to move around, boredom soon sets in.

Grammangal believes that the all subjects must, and can be, taught in a scientific manner to help better learning. In a subject laboratory, the children learn subjects through structured activities and by applying the concepts they have learnt.

The teacher does not visit the class to teach. Instead, students go to a subject laboratory to learn. As per brain sceince, physical movements provide positive stimulus to the brain thus refreshing the mind to learn new subject. The learning methods are appropriate to the topic and concept. The students are given the opportunity to apply the concepts they learn in projects and activities, which they are helped by their teachers to design. Subject laboratories help children gain a three-dimensional understanding of the topic.

Grammangal provides guidance and resources to help schools set up subject laboratories.