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Ramesh Panse

Shri Ramesh Panse

Shri Ramesh Panse (read more about him here) is a College Professor-turned -Educationist. He is credited with the implementation of constructivist education on a large scale in Maharashtra. Shri Panse was motivated by the works of Tarabai Modak and her disciple, Anutai Wagh, with whom he founded Grammangal. Shri Panse has himself carried out several studies on child development and learning, which have helped in the development of the methodologies that Grammangal is known for. Thousands of teachers and their students have benefitted from his guidance.


Shri Ramesh Mane

“Mane Kaka”, as he's fondly known in the Indian cricketing fraternity, Shri Ramesh Mane was the Acupressure Masseur for the Indian cricket team. He had studied healing techniques and got involved with the sport after a chance opportunity to treat a cricketer with a severe muscle pull. Today, Shri Mane devotes his time to social work. His optimism and sporting nature keeps the spirits high always.


Shri Ajit Mandlik

Shri Mandlik is a multiservices provider. He is also a model homeschooling parent who decided early on that rote learning would do more harm than good to his child, and put to practice everything that Grammangal stands for. This was at a time when homeschooling was not heard of in India. He stuck to his convictions and overcame all obstacles that stood between the system and a homeschooled child. His deep knowledge of government policies and functioning is of great value to the organisation in its engagements with the government.


Shri Abhijit Panse

Shri Abhijeet Panse is a well-known Film Producer, Director, and Screenwriter of critically acclaimed Marathi films. He has been a social worker for many years and is a dynamic leader and is well-versed in Marathi literature. Shri Abhijit Panse’s enthusiasm and leadership abilities are an asset to the organisation.


Smt. Amla Ruia

Smt. Amla Ruia is the doyenne of the famous Ruia family. She is also affectionately known as “water mother” is famous for her work on water harvesting which transformed lives of thousands of people in the desert regions of Rajasthan by using traditional water harvesting techniques and building check dams. Education is another area of interest for Smt Ruia. She helped open many schools in Rajasthan. Her vision is to take constructivist teaching to all schools for the benefit of future generations.

Executive Committee Members


Shri Vivek Sawant

Vivek Sawant is the Chief Mentor of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) since January 2020.

He served as Lecturer in Physics, Electronics and Computer Science at Fergusson College, Pune from 1979 to 1987. He joined C-DAC in 1988 and worked there for 12 years in design, development and delivery of India’s first indigenous supercomputers. He also built C-DAC’s nationwide network of Advanced Computing Training Schools (ACTS) for developing cutting-edge technology manpower on a large-scale for emerging IT-industry. Under his leadership, 25,000+ students of ACTS were placed in IT industry.

“Bridging the Digital Divide” among the masses has been Vivek Sawant’s Life Mission at MKCL since 2001.He spearheaded MKCL’s Mass Digital Literacy Mission on a statewide scale by offering MS-CIT - Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology course to over 1.5 crore common people by establishing a network of 5000+ IT Learning Centers across Maharashtra equipped with 50,000+ computers and 25,000+ trainers and counselors. He later replicated this success in other states such as Rajasthan, Odisha, Haryana, Bihar, etc. and countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Vivek Sawant was felicitated with many prestigious awards for his distinctive contributions in Information Technology Innovations, Mass Digital Literacy, Educational Transformations, eGovernance and eEmpowerment, Business Leadership, Corporate Excellence and Social Service.


Dr. Hemachandra Pradhan
Immediate Past President

Dr Pradhan is ex-Director of, Homi Bhabha Education Center, Mumbai. He holds a doctorate in Physics from Massachussets Institute Of Technology and post-doctoral fellowship from University of Wisconsin (Madison). Dr Pradhan has always been passionate about education. He led HBSCE’s teacher development programmes and also was instrumental in designing and implementing numerous innovative training programmes in science and mathematics for students and teachers.

He is the principal editor of Maharashtra State Vishwakosh (Encyclopedia) Nirmiti Mandal for their Junior Encyclopedia in Science and Technology.

His vast experience in teaching spanning all age groups makes him the ideal leader for a learning organisation.

Mr. Atul Thakar

Shri Atul Thakar
Vice President

Shri Atul Thakar is an IIT graduate & a Socially conscious entrepreneur He has been associated with other social organisations in the fields of education and entrepreneurship. His abiding quest for excellence has resulted in his firm’s products used in ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organisation) space programs.

His entrepreneurial skills and willingness to try new things is constantly pushing Grammangal to raise the bar.

Smt. Urmila Karandikar

Smt. Urmila Karandikar

Urmilatai, as Smt Karandikar is known in the organization, is an Industrialist and social worker. She has been associated with the cause of education since decades and has worked with well-known organisations in the field of girls’education. Urmilatai has adisciplined, systematic and process- oriented approach, important for the smooth functioning of an organisation.

Shri Shrikant Kulkarni

Shri Shrikant Kulkarni

In his 37 yrs of being a practicing electronics engineer residing in Pune, Shrikant Kulkarni's innovative talents were directed in the fields of power electronics, machine automation and software. After turning 50 he also began giving creative expression to his ideas on themes ranging from light articles and social causes to political satires and travelogues. Much of his works are about personalities and organizations working to uplift social awareness. Today there are over a hundred articles in his blog 'Majhya Nazretun(माझ्या नजरेतून)', Marathi for 'In my perspective'

Shri Vijay Lale

Shri Vijay Lale
Executive Committee Member

Shri Lale is a Scientist at Homi Bhabha Education Center, Mumbai.He is a member of Maharashtra State Vishwakosh (Encyclopedia) Nirmiti Mandal, whichis developing theJunior Encyclopedia of Science & Technologyin Marathi, a first of its kind project in India.

Shri Mohan Bhagwat

Shri Mohan Bhagwat
Executive Committee Member

Director of the only CNC machine manufacturing, reconditioning, retrofitting company in India

Smt. Kalyani Gokhale

Smt. Kalyani Gokhale
Executive Committee Member

Fulbright Fellow, Facilitator for literacy projects with Pune's Rotary Clubs,volunteer with Granny Cloud (NGO), Coursera MOOC students' mentor

Dr. Varsha Bhagat

Smt. Varsha Bhagat
Executive Committee Member

Dr. Varsha Bhagat comes with 23 Years of experience in the field of Disability. She has Conceptualized and implemented NMMC’s ‘etc’ Education, Training and Service Center for Persons’ with Disabilities (PWDs) which has formed a very positive trend about people with disabilities in local bodies. She has also executed various initiatives for betterment of PWDs. Presently holding the position at NMMC as Director of ‘ETC Centre for PWDs’ Head of the CSR Cell, also Chairing Committee against women violence at work place. She is recognized by various national and international level awards for her outstanding contribution in field of disability

uday panchpor

Shri Uday S Panchpor
Executive Committee Member

Uday S Panchpor is the Chief Operating Officer of MKCL Knowledge Foundation (MKCL KF). MKCL KF is involved in several research activities in Education, Water Conservation, Youth Development, Agriculture, Village Governance, and Wellness. He was the producer of the popular television serial Tilimili focused on school education during the Covid-19 pandemic. 864 episodes have been telecasted on DD Sahyadri and over 1.2 crore students have viewed this serial. He also coordinated Mazi Shala a Television serial to promote Constructivist Education in Schools in Maharashtra.

In 1990 he joined Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd as Educational Representative based in Pune 1990, was appointed as Area Manager for Western India in 2000, as Regional Manager in 2005, and as Deputy General Manager (Western and Southern India) in 2008.

He has been awarded Corporate Excellence Award by McGraw-Hill Inc. US in New York in June 2009. The first Indian to receive this award

He is on the Board of Studies of Community Polytechnic of Government of Maharashtra’s Maharashtra Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology


Shri Riddhish Shah
Executive Committee Member

Riddhish Shah is a B.E. (Petrochemicals) and MMS (Marketing). He is the managing partner in ChemMart, Mumbai who are established suppliers of Industrial Chemicals in Western India for over 2 decades.

Riddhish Bhai, as he is affectionately called, is an active member of Lion Club of Juhu for the last 10 years involved in various community based service activities and is currently serving as Deputy Hon. Secretary.

He is an avid reader and a keen traveler


Adv. Santosh Agre
Executive Committee Member

Adv. Santosh Agre is a practicing legal advisor and social activist based in Thane. He is a member of Thane District Advocate’s Association and Thane District Advocate’s Library. He has worked as Secretary for “Marathi Bhasha Sounrakshan Samiti’ and Founder Member and Vice President for “Marathi Abhyas Kendra”. He has formed Thane Advocate’s Sports Club. He has worked as arbitrator in Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority and as a panel member in Lok Adalat. He has been a strong insistent of using marathi language in judicial services and written a book named “Nyayachya Pratikshet Marathi”. He has filed a public interest litigation to conduct MPSC examinations for Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) in Marathi language. He has successfully followed up for conducting the District Consumer Court’s daily work in Marathi language. He is a nature lover and associated with various nature friendly organizations like “Hariyali”, “Green Umbrella” and “Yeur Nature Lovers”.


Shri Mahesh Panse
Executive Committee Member

Mahesh Panse is a B.E. from Vishwakarma Insitute of Technology, Mahesh Panse is working as a partner of Tejas Power Corporation. He is involved in coordination with the Government & private institutes for various development projects. He is also involved in supply, sales & service of various type of stabilizers, batteries and online UPS systems.

“.....the emergence of new approaches to learning that draw upon a range of insights into the human brain, the functioning of human societies, and learning as a community-wide activity” - from the 21st Century Learning Initiative(