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Shikshanvedh is a monthly magazine which features discussions on current research in cognitive science, reflections by eminent persons on education and sharing of experiences by parents and educators. Shikshanvedh is presently published in Marathi.

Various issues of Shikshanvedh are listed below:

Shikshanvedh Issue 2015

Sr. Month Cover Download
1 January January2015 PDF-icon
2 February February2015 PDF-icon
3 March March2015 PDF-icon
4 May may2015 PDF-icon
5 June june-2015 PDF-icon
6 August august-2015 PDF-icon

Shikshanvedh Past Issue 2014

Sr. Month Cover Download
1 January January2014 PDF-icon
2 February February2014 PDF-icon
3 March March2014 PDF-icon
4 April April2014 PDF-icon
5 May May2014 PDF-icon
6 July July2014 PDF-icon
7 August August2014 PDF-icon
8 October-November October-November2014 PDF-icon
9 December December2014 PDF-icon

Shikshanvedh Past Issue 2013

Sr. Month Cover Download
1 January January2013 PDF-icon
2 February February2013 PDF-icon
3 March March2013 PDF-icon
4 May May2013 PDF-icon
5 July July2013 PDF-icon
6 August August2013 PDF-icon
7 September September2013 PDF-icon
8 October October2013 PDF-icon
9 November-December November-December2013 PDF-icon

Shikshanvedh Past Issue 2012

Sr. Month Cover Download
1 June june2012 PDF-icon
2 July July2012 PDF-icon
3 September September2012 PDF-icon
4 October October2012 PDF-icon
5 November-December November-December2012 PDF-icon