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Ashwini Godse

Ashwini Godse

Ashwini comes with 18 years of experience in the field of education. She has graduated and did her masters in education and ever since has had experience of working with children going to regular schools as well as children with learning difficulties. She has an excellent skill as a facilitator who seamlessly combines theory with practical life experiences that can be identified by teachers and parents alike. Currently, she is directing Grammangal on the mission of propagating quality education in all spheres.


Umesh Mali
Associate Director, HR, Administration, and Legal

Umesh previously worked in the Information Technology field in India and abroad. He is a people practitioner, learner, coach, and writer with versatile experience in domains of people management. He co-ordinates HR policies and programs with an emphasis on associating the right people and ensuring that the organization is in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. He plans, directs and supervises all activities relating to administration and maintenance of payroll and employee benefits programs. He interprets appropriate laws and policies and advises the Executive Committee and associates accordingly. He has the ability to strike a good work-life balance and keeps the work environment light.


Pravin Gurav
Associate Director, Palghar

A Postgraduate in Economics and Statistics from Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, Pune. Pravin then pursued his journey towards leadership through the Gandhi Fellowship program. He has been leading the flagship project of Palghar Anagnawadi since the inception to date. He is always calm & composed that helps him and his team to get through critical situations. He is responsibly handling operations in Palghar.

Pravin is a Researcher, a writer, & a poet.


Varsha Kulkarni
Associate Director, Research & Analysis

A hardcore teacher who did doctoral research on Grammangal Methodology and turned into a propagator of constructivism in government schools. Varsha has been a teacher’s trainer in B.Ed. colleges hence she is aware of challenges faced by teachers in classrooms and how to convert them into adopting a constructive approach. Varsha is heading the Research division of Grammangal.


Kavita Pawar
Associate Director, Pune

Kavita adeptly manages CSR initiatives and delivers projects within defined timelines and budgets. As a mother of 2 boys, 1 man and many kittens, we believe she applies learning from the job at home and vice versa


Jyotsna Bhave
Associate Director, Content Development Methods & Products

Jyotsna comes with 19 years experience of working as a lectured for Bachelors and Post Graduate Departments Computer Applications at SNDT Women’s University. She is a software techie by education and a concent master by passion. During her lecturership, she developed a keen interest in Child Education and constructive methods of teaching for early ages. Converting theory into an engaging activity-based experience is her forte. Currently, she is heading Content Development and Teaching Learning Materials, in Grammangal.


Ram Kale
Government Liaisoning Officer

Ram holds a masters degree in economics and is a Gandhi fellow who has worked on the Headmaster leadership Development in schools from Rajasthan Region. This experience was utilized in setting up a Resource Center in Velhe Block for teachers in the region.
For the past 8 years, he has been associated with different organizations working in the field of education.
Ram is very passionate about bringing in systemic change in the education field and he holds the skills and diligence of working with the government machinery.


Anuradha Kale
Sr Manager, Content Development Methods & Products

Worked as a lecturer at the Bachelor’s Department of Computer Applications at SNDT Women’s University for 15 years. Her knowledge of technology and experience from the teaching field helps her create knowledge bank from anywhere anyplace anytime in collaboration with the rest of the team spread out in all locations of Maharashtra.


Swati Mehendale
Manager, Admin & HR

Swati cares for the organization and its people the way she would care for her family. She has a keen eye for the safety and security of all the assets of the organization which is its people She is always vigilant about its optimum utilization of resources. She ensures that everyone in the organization not just delivers their work but is also in sync with the essence of the organization.

“.....the emergence of new approaches to learning that draw upon a range of insights into the human brain, the functioning of human societies, and learning as a community-wide activity” - from the 21st Century Learning Initiative(