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Training 2019


Achiever's Award


9th march 2019 Saturday

Sneh foundation organized a program and honored a few talented women on the occasion of women’s-day. In this program representatives of some NGOs were honored and requested them to tell their success stories. In Grammangal last 5 years Quality Improvement project is organized in PCMC. Tech Mahindra strongly supported us in this project. Sarika Bathe and Usha Raut are teachers and Surekha Marne is supervisor, who are associated and take advantage of the project. They gave complete credit to Grammangal which helped them to change their life.

Sarika tai told that, “In the beginning, I was very aggressive and short tempered but as I associated with Grammangal I have drastically changed. I started my journey as a preprimary teacher to trainer and all credit goes to Grammangal only. Sarika tai working from last 17/18 years as a preprimary teacher in Talwade school. She also got a consolation prize for her presentation in this program. She dedicated the successes to Grammangal.




Learning Home recently celebrated a program 'shravanranga' to highlight 'Marathi sanskruti' & importance of 'Marathi festivals'.

Theme of the program was 'Shravan' a month in monsoon season which is full of festivals. various forums of its manifestation were poetry, dance, singing & painting. Paretnts & facilitators of Learning Home presented poems of various poets. A few of these poems were pictorially represented alongside. Also a dance performance was given by past & present students with help from parents & facilitators of grammangal.

Abhyasvarga by Panse Sir


Panse sir Abhyasvarga

*One step towards my CPD*

On 7th and 8th of July 2018 we had a chance to attend the conference of one of the famous educationalist Dr. Ramesh Panse, on the subject "Brain development  and Classroom  Management " in which he introduced the following :-

  • Educational Changes
  • New researches about the brain in an educational way 
  • Brain Nutrition 
  • Nutrition and  Cognition 
  • The need of Brain Education in education 
  • Interpretation of Physical Education and Brain development 
  • Art and Brain development 
  • Impacts of poverty on education and the Brain status

The gist of the conference in a nutshell:

  • The brain is an organ of learning so we need to learn how the brain learns.
  • Knowledge doesn’t come from information or its not a effect of interaction of one person,it is a cumulative effect of both.
  • Children are the same but every child is unique and different.
  • Activity-based self-learning is the core of learning.
  • The brain has its own natural method of learning and understanding.
  • Rote learning is the brain Antagonistic process. It makes cognitive load on the brain.
  • Education is not for past or present, it is only for future.
  • Brain-Friendly education is the need of this Era.
  • For this, we should follow 6 principles- Nourishment, safety, social, emotion, attention and stimuli.
  • Sports play a vital role in the education.
  • It stimulates the Brain and refreshes it.
  • Movement is necessary for learners because it helps to connect the neurons. Because of it the brain becomes alive.
  • We should give the permission to the students to move on.
  • In a week, we should run at least 2-3 times for half an hour. It increases the intellectual power of brain.
  • Researches have shown that Every child has only 8 minutes of attention span.
  • He illustrated two types of learning.
    • Explicit learning and
    • Implicit learning.
  • Art dilates cognitive skill, critical thinking skill, and learning level.
  • Poverty affects on brain development of the child.

7th and 8th July Abhyaswarga


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Students of Muktshala Excel in Sports


Maharashtra Sports Academy conducted  sports competition for Schools in Palghar District at Boiser in the month of January. Students of Muktashala Aine participated in various sports and bagged 13 medals - 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze.

Congratulations to the students and their coach Mr. Surendra for this excellent performance.

Unch Maza Zoka Award 2017


We are proud to announce that this year's Unch Maza Zoka award for organisation has been awarded to Grammangal. Zee Marathi has been presenting Uch Majha Zoka Awards since past four years. The awards were started as a boost to the women empowerment and an aid to the organizations working for the betterment of the society. The ceremony will be conducted on 21st July 2017 at Mumbai.

A dream …. A vision …. A reality


For some time Grammangal has been dreaming of providing excellent educational infrastructure to match the quality and methodology deployed in the classrooms. The Lions Club of Juhu has helped us envision this dream and convert into a reality by supporting the construction of a new school building at our Aine campus. This will provide excellent facilities to the tribal children thereby ensuring a robust learning environment at Aine. Inauguration ceremony of the building will be held on 25th June 2017 at 9:30 am at Aine, Dahanu, Palghar.

Prof. Ramesh Panse will be awarded with Sahyadri Shikshanratna Award


To acknowledge the contribution of some of the greatest achievers from Maharashtra in the field of Music, Cinema, Education, Drama, Sports, Journalism, Social work, Industry etc. Doordarshan Kendra, MumbaI instituted the “Sahyadri Navaratna Awards “in the year 2002. This year’s recipient of Shikshanratna Award is our founder trustee Professor Ramesh Panse for his outstanding work in the field of education. He is being felicitated for making education a joyful process for the child, by taking education beyond books and four walls of school. Award ceremony will be held at Ravindra Natyamandir, Prabhadevi, Mumbai on 15th June 2017, 6:30 pm onwards.

Brain Based learning

There is a quiet transformation taking place in many schools in Maharashtra. The most visible signs of the changes are that the children are enjoying school and learning better. In addition, there teachers also appear more relaxed and are not distracted by such issues as absenteeism, indiscipline and dropouts. The reason: a large number of schools have adopted the ‘constructivist’ approach to education. Many more are in various stages of implementation. [...]