Grammangal is dedicated to propagating science-based teaching-learning methodologies and techniques to improve the quality of education at pre and elementary school levels. Through various programs, projects and publication, we engage with school systems, individual schools, Government as well as the wider community to bring out about deep, sustainable changes in the way children learn in school, making education a stress-free and joyful experience, and lay the foundations of lifelong learning....More

Thousands of children from differents parts of Maharashtra and India have benefited from Grammangal’s projects and programs.

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Grammangal’s philosophy, approach and methods are deeply rooted in the principles of constructivism and are in consonance with the intent and objectives of India’s Right to Education act, 2009 for providing quality and inclusive elementary education.

Grammangal has also developed purpose-specific low-cost teaching-learning aids that teachers can make from locally available material to promote self-learning among their students and develop diverse competencies.


Nov-Dec 2018

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Grammangal Muktashala, Aine reopens this June in a brand new building donated by Lions CLub of Juhu !

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